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37 Fashion Items Your Kid Needs for That Perfect First Day of School Outfit

And just like that, summer has come to a close and the new school year has begun. When I was a kid, I always dreaded school starting again. But, I did love being able to see my friends every day again and getting all dressed up. Who knew that would turn into loving fashion as an adult?

I may be years away from having kids of my own, but I can’t wait for the day that I get to put them in insanely cute outfits for their first day back to school. In the meantime, I just spoil my younger brother and sister with outfits. So if you’ve begun your back-to-school shopping and you need some outfit inspiration, look no further. I know what’s cool with the kids these days–and you can find it all on Amazon. From jackets to uniforms to dresses to button-up shirts, you can get all of your shopping done without even leaving the house.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon as we publish it!

This Denim Jacket Is A Closet Staple

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I am a firm believer that everyone should have a denim jacket in their closet–kids included. And this one is the perfect closet addition. That’s why it has over 11,000 reviews and a perfect 5-star rating. Throw it on over t-shirts, tanks, and more when your little one needs to keep warm without getting too hot.

Polos Will Never Go Out Of Style

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Polos are another great closet staple, but they can be hard to find for a reasonable price. Luckily Amazon has made its own. The pack of two comes in a variety of color combos, varying from navy to coral to sky blue. And because it’s an Amazon Essential, you can bet that it won’t break the bank.

Have To Wear A Uniform? Wear This Dress

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If your little one has to wear uniforms and you don’t know where to start, try out this dress. It’s affordable, is super high-quality so you can feel confident that it will last years, offers a cute yet school-appropriate look, and is loved by many Amazon users.

This Button-Up Is Effortlessly Cool

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Button-ups like this one are a surefire way to make your little one look like a certified stud. This one comes in six different patterns so you can even get them multiple once you see how much they love it. My personal favorite is the chambray one with palm trees.

These Chino Pants Can Be Worn With So Many Different Outfits

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With over 13,000 reviews, there’s a reason that Amazon users love this three-piece set of chino pants. The set of three is neutral enough to wear with any outfit imaginable. Don’t want multiple pairs? Don’t fret. They’re also available in single pairs for an even lower price tag.

These Leggings Are Cute And Comfy

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I’m going to be the first to tell you that leggings are most definitely pants. I definitely wear them as such almost every single day. But that’s beside the point. I’m warning you now that once you put your little one in these leggings, they’re never going to want to take them off. And you’ll love how easy they are to dress up and style.

Your Kids Will Love This Dress

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Tommy Hilfiger is known for their adorable clothes and high-quality designs. And those don’t stop with children’s clothes–including this dress. It’s an easy way to make your little one look put together with very little effort. I may not have a little one of my own, but if I did, I’d most definitely be putting them in this.

These Levi’s Can Withstand Even The Roughest Play

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I, of course, had to include as many staple pieces as possible. Because when you’re buying clothes for your kids, you don’t want to buy anything that they won’t wear for very long. And one of those is these Levi shorts. Because they are a name brand, you know they are going to last you years.

Look Like A Real Skater With These Pants

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One of the reasons I am most excited to have kids is because I can’t wait to dress them. I love fashion, and I want my kids to look just as stylish as their mom. And you can make that happen for your own kids with these pants. They’re the epitome of effortlessly cool and can be worn hundreds of ways.

Add Some Subtle Color To An Outfit With These Sneakers

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How adorable are these shoes? I love them so much that I want a pair for myself. But alas, they’re only for your kids. They are super easy to put on since they are slip-ons, but they also come with laces if you want to change up the look. And because the color is so subtle, they’ll match pretty much every outfit.

These Biker Shorts Are Easy To Play In

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Much like the leggings that I mentioned earlier, I also literally live in biker shorts. So I had to include them on this list for your little ones. These biker shorts are comfortable (which is great for kids), great for your wallet, and can be worn under long shirts, tunics, dresses, and more.

Pair This Skirt With A Polo

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I’m here to help those parents whose kids have to wear uniforms. I know that you could go to Target or Old Navy and get clothes, but you could also order this skort which is of higher quality, and you don’t have to leave your house to get it. I call that a parenting win-win.

These Sneakers Will Never Go Out Of Style

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Vans will forever be in style. They are for everyone of all ages. And if you’ve ever owned a pair, then you know long they last. You can rally beat them up, and they will still last you for years. My personal favs? The checkered print!

This Button-Up Shirt Offers A Classic Look

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To make your kiddo look really put together, throw them in this long sleeve button-up. It’s from the brand Wranglers so you know that it’s high quality and will last you forever, and it comes in 11 different colors and patterns. Tuck it into some chino pants and they will be the coolest kid on the playground.

These Rompers Are Such A Steal

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When buying outfits for your little one, get ones that come in packs of multiples (like these rompers) because they’re more bang for your buck. For under $30, you get three adorable rompers that your little one is going to love to wear. They also come in three different color options. I can’t tell which one I like more. This one or the summery stripes and lemons.

The Ruffles On The Sleeves Of This Shirt Are Too Fun

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Sometimes you just need a solid-colored t-shirt to pair with a fun skirt or pair of pants. But with this shirt, you can take the closet staple up a notch with its ruffled sleeves. It comes in a range of colors and would match basically every bottom imaginable.

Stay Warm In This Hoodie

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It may not get chilly here in the desert until at least November, but I know that’s not the case for many other places. And to keep your kiddo warm, you can send them off to school in this sweatshirt. It’s made with premium cotton, so it’s extra soft, and it can be easily paired with multiple different pant options.

This Flannel Is Ideal For Cooler Weather

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Is there anything cuter than kids in flannels? I think it makes them look so dashing. And when it’s not quite cold enough for a sweatshirt, this flannel is a great option that will still keep them warm from the chill in the air. Not to mention this specific plaid is super cute for Christmas.

This T-Shirt Is A Great Basic

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If you don’t live somewhere chilly like me and you’re worried about your kids ending up drenched in sweat by the end of the day, this linen shirt may be a better option. The fabric is very lightweight and breathable, so they’ll stay comfortable even when in the heat for recess.

These Sandals Are Made With Genuine Leather

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I most definitely had sandals just like this when I was a kid, and I never wanted to take them off. These in particular are made of genuine leather and a molded rubber sole, so they’ll be comfortable and breathable all day. They also happen to be great dupes for the Salt Waters for a quarter of the price.

Keep Cool In This Swing Dress

  via Amazon  

There is quite literally nothing cuter than a little kid in gingham. I’m not sure why the fabric just screams adorable, but it does. And you’ll agree with me as soon as you see your little one in this dress. It’s perfect for anyone who lives somewhere where the weather has yet to transition from summer to fall.

Look Like A Ray Of Sunshine In This Graphic Tee

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I am a big fan of Lucky Brand myself. So although I may not have kids of my own yet, you can bet that I am going to put them in it once I do. What kid wouldn’t look adorable in this graphic tee? It has everything from an adorable graphic tee to playful ruffle sleeves.

Even Your Picky Kiddo Will Love This Pullover

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For a sweatshirt option that looks a little more classy, try out this one. It’s the perfect combination of a hoodie and sweater. And with over 500 reviews and a 4.7 rating, parents on Amazon love it; probably because it looks like something you’d wear when you take the boat out. How sophisticated!

Crocs Are All The Rage Right Now

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I hate to admit it, but Crocs are back in style (even for adults). And my younger sister never wants to take hers off, no matter how much I ask her to. While they’re not my favorite, I can admit that they’re a great option for youngins because you can beat them up without much concern.

These Overalls Will Get So Many Compliments

  via Amazon / R. Ami  

Tie-dye became huge during the pandemic, and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. Especially for kids. So why not help them look super trendy with these overalls? They immediately make your little one look like they have their life together and the tie-dye is an easy way to add some color to your little’s wardrobe.

These Chelsea Boots Have A Perfect 5-Star Rating

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Okay hear me out, if you get your kid these Sam Edelman Chelsea boots, they will, without a doubt, be the coolest kids on the playground. If it were up to me, I’d own a pair of these exact shoes in my size… which they do make so I may have to get a pair this fall… But I digress. They’re the perfect fall shoe and look adorable with so many different outfits.

These Pants Are Great For Tall Teens

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There are a few brands out there that you know you can trust to be high quality the minute you see their name. And Dickies is one of those. So you know these pants are going to be great. But if you’re not quite sold yet, just take a look at all of the happy parents in the reviews.

These Jeans Fit Every Body Type

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Levi’s is yet another brand that never disappoints. And little girls aren’t the only ones who should be able to rock the brand. Get your little boy some with these jeans. With over 4,000 happy parents leaving reviews, there’s a reason that they’re so popular. They can act like maniacs and these jeans will still remain in perfect shape, trust me.

This Dress Can Be Dressed Up Or Down

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Pair this dress with a little pair of boots, and I swear you have the cutest outfit possible. To say that I wish I had a kiddo to dress in this little ensemble is an understatement. It can be worn in warmer weather or paired with a cardigan in the colder months, making it super versatile, too.

This Sweater Won’t Pill Or Shrink

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate how chic this little sweater is? I mean the animal print and subtle balloon sleeves? I can’t get over it! You’re going to love it so much that you want it in every color option.

This Blouse Is Super High-Quality

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For a quality shirt that can be compared to those made for J. Crew without the high price tag, get this shirt. Hope & Henry is one of the leading names in children’s clothing, and this shirt is no exception. The floral print is to die for, and the button-down front is timeless.

No School Look Is Complete Without A Good Backpack

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If you’re a parent, you know that a high-quality backpack that won’t break the bank is hard to come by. So don’t sleep on this one. It comes in 24 different color options, from solids to prints such as flowers or the galaxy. Plus it’s super spacious, so it can hold all of your kid’s books, binders, notebooks, and more.

This Backpack Comes In A Variety Of Patterns

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Is that last backpack a little too boring for your child’s taste? I get it. Sometimes they just want something a little showier. I definitely did when I was younger. The bolder the print, the better. This backpack is the perfect solution to that. It’s also high-quality and won’t hurt the wallet.

These Tennis Shoes Are Perfect For Running

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Kids have so much energy that they need to get out by running and playing with their friends. But you can’t run or rough house without a good pair of running shoes. And Under Armor has made shoe shopping easy for you with these sneakers. They’re lightweight and comfortable, so your kid won’t mind wearing them all day.

Kids Will Be Jealous Of These Basketball Shoes

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If your kid is an athlete that doesn’t do much running but you still want them in good sneakers, try this pair out from Nike. They can be worn during basketball or just out while playing with friends. I’m not kidding you when I tell you that I want to get a pair for myself.

I Want This Jumpsuit For Myself

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I told you that Hope & Henry was a great brand for kids! So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the last two items on this list are from them. This jumpsuit has a perfect 5-star rating for a reason, after all. It’s super summery and lightweight, making it ideal for hotter weather. It also comes in six different color and silhouette options.

Welcome Fall With This Plaid Skirt

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And last, but certainly not least, is this adorable plaid skirt. Just like the jumpsuit that I just mentioned, it too has a perfect 5-star rating. Probably because aside from being ridiculously cute, it’s also made with organic cotton and has beautiful pleats.

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