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37 Love-At-First-Sight Products on Amazon

I keep a permanent wish list on Amazon for awesome products. When a friend recommends a new gadget or I luck upon something lovely, I take note of it. That way, I always have lots of ideas for treating myself and others! Today, I combed through my personal list for 37 love-at-first-sight products on Amazon that I think everyone should know about.

I’ve already bought lots of these, and the rest are staying on my wish list to inspire future purchases. Let’s start with an incredibly beautiful amethyst, consider a retro gadget for mix tapes, and enjoy the indulgence of a delicious brown sugar scrub. So many products to love!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon as we publish it!

This Brightening Eye Balm

  via Amazon  

I apply foundation and concealer in the morning, but within a couple of hours, my under-eye area looks dull and dark. I’ve learned that reapplying concealer leads to a baked, caked look. Instead, I rely on this Eye Balm that can be swiped on all day long for a rosy, glowy, brightening effect!

This Dog Harness is Tough Pup-Approved

  via Amazon  

Your pooch deserves to look and feel their best just like you do, so why not upgrade their boring harness to this one from Embark? It comes in a variety of stylish colors and patterns to choose from and is made from durable quadruple-sewn military-grade nylon thread.

This Gorgeous Amethyst

  via Amazon  

My daughter is obsessed with crystals, and a recent search led me to this awesome find. For under $30, Amazon sells this genuine raw Amethyst that measures 2-3 inches tall. It makes a stunning paperweight or decorative object for the home!

These Understated Succulent Earrings

  via Amazon  

I’ve had these Succulent Earrings on my wish list for months, and since nobody has bought them for me yet, I’m buying them for myself! They’re simple and pretty and will be the perfect accessory for sundresses this summer.

These Adorable Avengers Magnets

  via Amazon  

Display your love of Marvel on your fridge, locker, or other metallic surfaces! This Set of 12 Avengers Magnets are made of lightweight molded rubber. Customers report that they’re not really strong enough to hold things up and work best as decorations.

These Protein Donut Give You the Treat Minus the Guilt

  via Amazon  

It’s a constant struggle for me to find healthy treats. I also find it hard to reach my protein goals daily. These Wow! protein donuts are absolutely delicious and do not have the calorific carb overload that normal donuts do. Perfect as a quick snack. And, I bet you can’t just have one.

This Affordable Bamboo Plant Stand

  via Amazon / Guliana  

I may have a plant problem. I already had six plants in my living room and just bought two more. Time to finally order this Bamboo Plant Stand so I can display my precious plants in style. Problem solved!

This Handy Banana Slicer

  via Amazon  

There are two types of people in this world. One type has already scrolled past this gadget, deeming it ridiculous. The other is contemplating how nice it would be to make perfectly uniform slices of banana. It is nice. Get one.

This Pretty Boho Wrap Bracelet

  via Amazon  

This Boho Wrap Bracelet is one of my favorite jewelry finds on Amazon! It has a fresh, feminine vibe that dresses up my jeans and t-shirt wardrobe. The price is stunning, too!

This Sword-Shaped Cheese Grater

  via Amazon  

Conquer the kitchen with this sword-shaped Cheese Grater, a weapon fit for any prince of pasta! It features a royal blue handle and a five-inch stainless steel blade. Works great for zesting lemons, too!

This Delicious Brown Sugar Scrub

  via Amazon  

A treat for the senses, this Brown Sugar Scrub is a fabulous self-care purchase. Formulated with real brown sugar, almond oil, and other nourishing ingredients, it provides luxurious exfoliation for the face and body. Customers say it smells good enough to eat!

This Highly Rated Collagen Supplement

  via Amazon  

This is the Collagen Supplement Jennifer Aniston stirs into her coffee every morning; she recommends it for improving cell turnover for healthier, younger-looking skin. It’s earned over 100,000 ratings on Amazon!

  via Amazon  

I’ve been wanting to try Milk Bar’s desserts forever, and my wish is about to be granted! This Cookie Variety Pack gives a taste of the famous New York-based bakery with three of their most popular varieties of cookies.

This Easy-to-Use Crepe Maker

  via Amazon  

My brunch dreams are coming true, thanks to this affordable Crepe Maker This electric appliance has a 12-inch nonstick surface specially designed for cooking perfect crepes (you can also use it for pancakes). Customers appreciate that it’s easy to use right out of the box.

Have A Splash With This Splashie Princessea Emma Splash Pad!

  via Amazon  

Try and say this three times fast, Splashie Princessea Emma Splash Pad Sprinkler Mat. Yeah, it’s as fun as it sounds! This inflatable water mat is made with extra-thick 0.44mm PVC materials so you can trust it won’t deflate no matter how much your kiddos jump and splash around in it. Did I mention it’s 70 inches in diameter? That’s right. You can fit the whole family for some summer fun, including your fur babies! It even comes with a set of 3 tiaras and matching wands to bring this princess fantasy to life. Not big on Princessea Emma? How about Princessea Imani or Mia? You can take your pick!

This Stress-Relieving Desktop Punching Bag

  via Amazon  

I have a tense coworker who really needs this Punching Bag on her desk. Inflate it with the included air pump, attach it to any smooth surface with the suction cup, then punch your cares away.

This Electric Foot Pocket

  via Amazon  

A toasty treat for chilly feet, this Electric Foot Pocket belongs under every desk or coffee table. The super-soft plush pocket measures 22 by 20 inches and has three temperature settings.

These Trendy Espadrille Sandals

  via Amazon / Stephanie  

When I saw a photo of Kate Middleton sporting espadrilles with a sundress, I went on the hunt for the perfect pair for myself. These Espadrille Sandals are value-priced and highly rated by Amazon customers for comfort and style. Bonus: there are forty colors to choose from!

This Ingenious Garlic Twister

  via Amazon  

One of my favorite new kitchen gadgets, this Garlic Twister is a must-have for anyone who often cooks with garlic. Load it up with garlic cloves (or nuts or herbs), twist back and forth, and witness the brilliance of finely, evenly chopped garlic.

This Comfy Infinity Pillow

  via Amazon  

Cradle your head and neck in the supreme comfort of the Infinity Pillow. It’s basically a thick, padded scarf you can burrow into and use for support while resting. Ideal for travel!

This Surprisingly Affordable Handbag

  via Amazon  

I need a new handbag that looks grown-up and professional, but I don’t have the budget for a designer purse. Instead, I’m buying this Glamorous Handbag I found on Amazon. It has over 16,000 ratings, tons of glowing reviews, and a price tag you won’t believe!

These Versatile Mason Jars

  via Amazon  

I have two sets of these Mason Jars, and I’m back for more. These glass jars include smooth metal lids and are perfectly sized for overnight oats, summer drinks, and quick pickles. I also use them for leftovers because they look nicer in the fridge than plastic containers.

This Milk and Honey Cuticle Oil

  via Amazon / Daniela B.  

A customer favorite, this Milk and Honey Cuticle Oil has over 80,000 ratings on Amazon. It nourishes cuticles and makes nails shiny and healthy-looking. Customers love the delicious scent!

This Fun Mini Nail Polish Set

  via Amazon  

I’m buying this as a gift for a friend whose nails are always a different color. The Mini Nail Polish Set includes 15 tiny bottles of Nicole Miller polish in trendy, bright shades. One Amazon customer writes, “Affordable quality colors. I would consider this one of the greatest nail polish purchases on Amazon I’ve made so far.”

This Retro Cassette Recorder/Player

  via Amazon  

Make a mixtape on this Cassette Recorder/Player, a true blast from the past! Fun for kids and nostalgic for adults. One Amazon customer wrote, “Teaching my kids how to work it was hilarious but they are obsessed!”

This Mixologie Perfume Blending Kit

  via Amazon  

Find your ideal scent with this Mixologie Perfume Blending Kit, which includes 10 tiny bottles of perfumes that can be layered for a multitude of effects. Buying perfume online can be tricky since you can’t smell it first, but this mix-and-match kit makes it easy and fun to experiment!

This Luck-Bringing Money Tree

  via Amazon  

Money Trees are supposed to bring good luck and prosperity. They also freshen the look of any living space! This genuine, easy-care houseplant from Costa Farms comes in a ceramic pot and measures about 16 inches tall.

This Detailed Paint By Number Kit

  via Amazon  

I am in love with this Paint By Number Kit depicting a house lifted away by balloons. I was worried my complete and utter lack of artistic ability would be a problem, but the customer reviews have reassured me that anyone can handle this project! The reviews also have lots of advice worth checking out, as well as photos showing off the finished paintings.

This Versatile Pineapple Tote Bag

  via Amazon  

Priced under $30, this Pineapple Tote Bag is a practical yet cute option for work or fun. The roomy waterproof bag features a zipper closure and lots of pockets, including two exterior mesh pockets perfectly sized for a water bottle and phone.

This Rose Gold Wall Clock

  via Amazon  

I’m ordering this Rose Gold Wall Clock for my bathroom, and I can’t wait to see how it looks! Elegant and modern, this clock is made of lightweight plastic with a metallic coating and glass front. It uses one AA battery (not included).

This Handmade Seagrass Basket

  via Amazon  

Handmade of natural seaweed, these Seagrass Baskets come in three sizes and two colors, and make a gorgeous addition to any decor. I have one holding a potted plant in a corner of my living room, and other customers have used them for holding throw blankets and other uses.

This Modern Spiral Lamp

  via Amazon  

Featuring touch control, this Spiral Lamp is a fresh, modern accessory for your desk or table. The LED light has a warm, white cast designed to be easy on the eyes. Measures 16 inches tall.

These Star Wars Pyrex Containers

  via Amazon  

Why get plain food boxes when you can buy these Star Wars Pyrex Containers? The set of four glass boxes include silicone lids and–most importantly–fun Star Wars-inspired artwork. They’re also dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe.

These Tabletop Tiki Torches

  via Amazon  

Dress up outdoor tables with this set of three Tabletop Tiki Torches. Each glass torch is 6 inches tall and gives off a tall, bright flame thanks to the clean-burning fuel, which is included. Customers call them “amazing” and “so cute.”

This Amazing Pop-Up Book

  via Amazon  

Adults and kids are equally impressed by This Book Is a Planetarium, an elaborate pop-up book that transforms into six fully functional tools. Not only does it turn into a working planetarium, musical instrument, and other cool items, but it also explains the science behind each.

This Trendy Tiger Blouse

  via Amazon  

I kept seeing Instagram influencers sporting tigers, but the price tags of their designer styles didn’t agree with me. Amazon to the rescue! This silky Tiger Blouse is nicely priced and has earned high ratings from customers.

These Wooden Kitchen Utensils

  via Amazon  

I’m upgrading my sad, ugly plastic cooking utensils to this set of Wooden Kitchen Utensils. Equally practical and beautiful, the five tools are made of lightweight, sturdy acacia wood. No glue, coating, or seams. Hand-washing is recommended.

These Bestselling Wireless Earbuds

  via Amazon  

With 220,000 ratings and a price tag under $25, these Wireless Earbuds are an amazing buy! Charge them up in the included case, connect via Bluetooth to your phone, then enjoy 6 hours of playtime.

This Snail Cream Moisturizes and Firms

  via Amazon  

Want a do-it-all face cream for one incredible price? Try this Black snail all in one cream for moisturizing, firming, anti-aging, and brightening effects! The gel-cream texture glides on like butter, and it has no scent, so it’s perfect for those of us with sensitive skin.

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