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Britney Spears Fans Left ‘Helpless’ and Urge FBI To Find Her

Britney Spears sparked concerns among many of her fans after she posted a number of explicit posts on Instagram recently, and now fans have labeled them as “red flags.”

Britney is an avid Instagram user, but now fans are a little skeptical about her recent series of photos…

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Now, Britney Spears shot to fame back in 1998.

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With songs such as Oops, I did it again and Slave 4 U, Britney quickly became one the most popular pop stars at the time as she gained fans around the world.

She constantly topped the charts…

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And was even hailed as the “Princess of Pop.”

But, over the years, Britney’s mental health dramatically deteriorated as the pressures of the spotlight took a toll.

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And eventually, in 2007, Britney suffered a highly public breakdown.

One of the results of Britney’s breakdown was that she was put under conservatorship.

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Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears, was made the permanent conservator of his daughter’s affairs and co-conservator of her estate in 2008 meaning he could control every aspect of her life.

But, in recent years, following Britney’s cryptic posts on social media, the #FreeBritney movement to free her for the conservatorship was plunged into the spotlight.

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And eventually, as people protested for Britney to be able to control her life, so did the star.

Britney began a fight to regain control of her own life back in 2020.

It took a long time, with a lot of knockbacks as things initially did not go her way…

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But, after thirteen years, on November 13, 2021, Britney was freed from her conservatorship as it was terminated with immediate effect.

It was a day that people, including the singer, rejoiced.

Since then, Britney has been rebuilding her life and experiencing many things again.

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And last month, Britney shared the exciting news that she and her partner, Sam Asghari, were expecting a child together.

In an Instagram post, Britney wrote: “I lost so much weight to go on my Maui trip only to gain it back … I thought ‘Geez … what happened to my stomach ???’”

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“My husband said ‘No you’re food pregnant silly !!!’ So I got a pregnancy test … and uhhhhh well … I am having a baby … 4 days later I got a little more food pregnant. It’s growing !!!”

But sadly, just weeks after her announcement, Britney shared some heartbreaking news.

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In a post on Instagram, Britney wrote that she had “lost our miracle baby early in the pregnancy.”

“This is a devastating time for any parent,” she wrote. “Perhaps we should have waited to announce until we were further along. However, we were overly excited to share the good news.”

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“Our love for each other is our strength. We will continue trying to expand our beautiful family. We are grateful for all of your support. We kindly ask for privacy during this difficult moment.”

Since sharing the news, people around the world have sent messages of support to the star.

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And not only that, but many people have praised the star for breaking the stigma of the twelve-week rule…

“Don’t even feel bad for announcing your pregnancy “early” that baby was alive and a spirit and a human and deserved to be announced,” one person commented on her Instagram post.

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While another person wrote: “I’m thankful you announced. There is stigma with announcing too early, and then with miscarriage, you have to be quiet. By doing this, you allow space for others to heal just as you. The more we speak about it, the more we all know we experience it together. I’m sorry for your loss.”

Another person added: “Thank you for sharing this experience and normalizing it. So many of us have experienced this loss and it’s important to be able to talk about it. I’m sorry for your loss.”

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As a fellow Instagram user, wrote: “Can we normalize sharing pregnancy news in the first trimester? Who cares if hearing about loss makes some people uncomfortable. As women, we shouldn’t be pressured to conceal our “condition.” I wish I knew how common miscarriage was when I had my first. It would have been nice to know about other women’s experiences beforehand. There’s no shame in it. If women feel better to share, then it should be encouraged. Not talking about conception or pregnancy struggles isn’t healthy for young women or anyone for that matter.”

People have praised Britney for breaking the stigma of the twelve-week rule after she wrote that she maybe shouldn’t have shared the news so early.

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The twelve-week rule is an unwritten idea that couples shouldn’t share the news of their pregnancy until it has surpassed twelve weeks.

And fans are, once again, celebrating the star.

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As she has finally married her long-term boyfriend, Sam Asghari, at an intimate ceremony in Los Angeles on June 9.

The pair have been dating since 2016 when they met on the set of her music video for Slumber Party, in which he appeared as her love interest.

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Fans were overcome with excitement about the news of their wedding. Britney certainly deserves this day of love and happiness.

However, their big day didn’t come without tribulation, as Britney’s ex-husband made it his mission to disrupt the event.

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Britney’s first husband, Jason Alexander, who she married back in 2004, before getting their marriage annulled just days later, showed up uninvited.

According to TMZ, Jason streamed the whole thing live on Instagram.

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He allegedly told security that Britney had invited him and somehow managed to get inside her home.

Moments later, Ventura County Sheriff’s Department responded to a trespassing call at the home after a “physical struggle” occurred between Jason and security.

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“She’s my first wife, my only wife,” Jason told security. “I’m her first husband, I’m here to crash the wedding.”

As per TMZ, Britney’s attorney Mathew Rosengart said he was “absolutely livid” about Jason’s actions.

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Adding: “I am personally working with the sheriff’s department to ensure Mr. Alexander is aggressively prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Thankfully, Britney is safe, and Jason has since been charged with trespassing, vandalism, and 2 counts of battery for attacking security.

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Jason is reportedly still in custody.

And Britney isn’t letting the disruption cause any more drama. Britney discussed the theme of their wedding with Vogue, sharing that Jeffrey Best helped plan their big day.

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“We really wanted to make this a small and beautiful moment with family and friends,” Britney said. “We wanted warm and feminine colors including blush, white, cream, and gold, and a lot of various shades of pinks, blush, and reds.”

Britney wore a custom Versace dress with a white veil, while Sam wore a black tux by Versace during the ceremony.

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Charlotte Tilbury and her niece, Sofia, created her natural makeup look, “I was so thrilled and honored to be asked to design Britney’s bridal beauty look!” Charlotte admitted. “Britney is an icon of our time who has inspired and empowered us all with her joy and positive energy. She’s such a natural beauty and has the most mesmerizing big, brown eyes.”

The 10-minute ceremony took place under a blush tent at her home, with stars such as Madonna, Selena Gomez, Paris Hilton, Ansel Elgort,, and Donatella Versace attending.

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Throughout the night Britney changed into 3 different outfits all designed by Versace.

After the party ended, Britney and Sam left at 10:15 p.m, where they were driven away in a Rolls Royce.

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You can see the photos here.

Sam Asghari’s ex has had a little something to say…

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Telling TMZ in an exclusive interview that Britney has the perfect husband.

In an interview with the news outlet, Mayra Veronica, an American singer, said that her ex would be the perfect husband.

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“I think Sam would be a fantastic husband,” she began.

“He’s not the cheating type or the flirting type. He’s very devoted, very supportive, so I think I only see good things for them to be honest with you,” she continued telling TMZ.

“He’s the type that he’s going to concentrate on his work, she looks like she’s more into just building a family now which is fantastic. So, I think it is a great thing for both of them,” she said.

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The singer then talked of the time she dated Britney’s now-husband.

“When I dated Sam, I was pretty much in the same situation Britney was in. I was being controlled by my management and what have you and he just kind of came into the picture while I was trying to separate from all that and I think he really helped,” she said.

“He’s very understanding, he’s very supportive, so I think that’s what she needed at the time, that’s what she still needs.

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“I think they’re a perfect match, to be honest,” the singer continued.

Marya then said that no matter which way Britney’s relationship with Sam goes, he will always be there for her.

That wasn’t all she had to say, though…

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The singer also thinks that Sam will be a “great father.” High praise all around from his ex, right?

“He was always, before this type of entertainment career, he was more into, I believe he was into wanting to become a cop or wanting to be a police officer. So, I think there’s that protection of sorts as a male figure and as a father. So, I think he’s going to be a fantastic father. He’s got a kind heart, loves animals, so I think he’s going to be fantastic,” she finished.

Sam and Mayra were together in 2015, but eventually, split up, going down separate paths.

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The singer is also a television personality and actress, appearing mostly on Spanish television.

And if one thing’s for certain, she’s definitely right about the couple being perfect for one another.

And now, it’s been revealed that the couple has also signed a prenuptial agreement to protect Britney Spears’ fortune if they do part ways…

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Which, we are almost certain they won’t.

But, it’s better to be on the safe and sensible side, right?

While things seemed to be picking up for Britney, her recent Instagram posts have alarmed fans and left them feeling concerned for the star.

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Britney has posted a number of explicit photos to Instagram, wearing very little clothing.

While some people praised Britney’s photos, others felt that something was wrong…

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Fan wrote: “Are you okay? This doesn’t seem right.”

Another commented: “What is going on!? No wedding ring? Shabby hotel? Series of naked pics!?”

And now the series has continued…

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With many fans speculating that the star singer needs a “wellness check” done on her.

“Can we do a wellness check on this poor woman?! I feel so HELPLESS, and I can’t imagine how she must feel!” one user commented.

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While another wrote: “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!!!”

It comes after Britney posted the same unusual photo to her Instagram feed…

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According to the Daily Star, on August 5 Britney posted a red square without a caption.

Obviously, her fans could not keep calm and started assuming the star needs to go live on the platform to clear any rumors.

“Please Go Live — we are all worried,” said one fan.

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While another added that “she’s asking for help.”

“I think she’s asking for help. She posts red a lot when people ask her if she’s in trouble (to post red). Did y’all know she had her ‘dream wedding’ in her prison house?? There’s no way she’s free. Why all the old posts??”

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“Is this an SOS? Britney pls tell us this means a new album bc I’m going to explode” said another user.

And more comments flooded her Instagram, as people speculated her other photos were taken on “an old phone.”

“There’s something eerie about her posts. Britney looks no different than when she was in her conservatorship and her surroundings hardly change at all.

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“Her pics still look like look like they were taking on an old phone. I would expect if she truly found freedom that there would be signs of it. Photos of her out and about, a new wardrobe, new styling, live stories etc. it makes no sense,” one fan wrote.

And people even said that on “her wedding day she looked unkempt,” in which they further questioned her freedom after the conservatorship.

“Britney is straight up gorgeous but even on her wedding day she looked a little unkempt. And there’s no way in hell that was an actual Versace dress. It didn’t even seem to fit her that well. You would think if she was having her dream wedding she wouldn’t look like the dress came from bridal warehouse and she did her own make up the hour before.

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“There’s no way we are being told the truth. I am very concerned for her,” concluded one fan.

While others are deeply concerned about her safety…

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“That’s what we are all seeing Red BIG flags… so what’s really going on love? I honestly think she’s still in trouble.”

But one comment that caught everyone’s eye, was a user who suggested the singer should be investigated for the weird Instagram posts…

“This is seriously a case for the FBI,” said the Instagram user.

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You can see the Instagram photo here.

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